Who we are?

For the citizens

Do you need legal information or advice? Avopro is here for you.

Avopro is an interactive online platform which aims to simplify the connection between the citizen and a practicing lawyer.

Avopro is an easy way to consult, offering reliable referencing of practicing lawyers throughout Tunisia.

Avopro makes it easier for you to access legal information to meet your specific and / or extended needs by putting you in touch with specialized lawyers.

For lawyers

Avopro.tn is a comprehensive law firm management service that optimizes your organization and saves you time. With avopro.tn, you share your availability in real time with your customers according to your criteria.

Avopro.tn allows you to get in direct contact with customers and answer their questions.

Our objective is to provide the legal sector with an online solution (Web and Mobile) which consists of a platform which firstly ensures the digitalization of law firms to simplify the administrative management of the firm as well as the management of relations. clients. The features offered cover the organization of tasks, management of documentation, centralization of legal references for consultation purposes and customer management.

The website www.avopro.tn is published by the company Turiya Solutions.

Address: B25 Omar Kdeh Imm le montplaisir, Montplaisir

Email: contact@avopro.tn

Juridic: juridique@avopro.tn